Prayer Walking

I was never able to pray sitting in a room for any length of time, either in a prayer meeting or on my own 'in my closet' as scripture puts it. My relationship with God was never going to grow until I found a way to spend hour after hour in his presence, talking, listening. I found, over the years, many more benefits to persistent prayer walking – it changed not just me but also the areas I was walking in. Spiritually speaking, I took ownership of those areas and saw things change. Let me tell you about it.

prayer walking in Marfleet

My Marfleet Prayer Route

Is one of four routes I regularly make. It starts from our tiny house on Frodsham Street and proceeds in a half hour loop. Down the main Hedon Road to what was the old maternity hospital. Along the footpath down the side of the Holderness drain. Over the railway and onto the old Withernsea line, now a footpath. The there's a snicket that cuts onto Burma Drive, sometimes I go that way, today I carry on to the tunnel under Marfleet Avenue and turn right. A path takes me back on to Mafleet Avenue. Then I have to walk back to my house through the wasteland that was Fenner's factory.
Marfleet Prayer Walk HU9

Hedon Road

Hedon Road A63/A1033

Here am I on Hedon Road next to the old Jewish cemetery. The ABP train is just leaving King George dock with its load of imported coal bound for the Drax power station. Not a very quiet place to pray, no mood music other than the drone of traffic.

Site of old Hull Maternity Hospital

What a shame that they demolished this grand old place. Still it's all peaceful and quiet here now.
Old Maternity Hospital

ABP Footbridge

This is my bridge

Here we are at 'my bridge'. I claim all the territory on my route. The original bridge on this site was made of wood and kids from the notorious Preston Road sink estate burned it down. In the 1980s, when I worked as an evangelist, I used to meet the drug addicts under the old bridge. Some got saved, all the rest are dead; what a waste. When ABP fenced off the railway line I had to campaign to have this 'vandal-proof' bridge built over it. It took several years.

Use every opportunity

Two generations of kids have marked their names on this bridge. What a great opportunity to pray for them by name. Satan is stupid!
ABP Footbridge

The Track The Track

Make sure you own it

As I said I own my prayer route. It's my spiritual domain. Nothing happens here without my authority (spiritually speaking). The first time I prayer-walked this route after having not walked here for many years I was stoned by the local kids. Yes they pelted me with stones. It was the first and last time. I changed the spiritual atmosphere here because, in Christ, I rule here. Subsequently I have been able to witness to other walkers here. We had a spate of destroyed street lamps here. The destruction made them dangerous so the council switched the whole lot off. This was a particularly difficult battle. Didn't respond to any prayer so in desperation I just cursed whoever vandalised them. That stopped it. Yes the prophets of God curse as well as bless. Don't damage my streetlights or you'll come under God's curse. Subsequently all the lights were restored and have been working ever since even though other stretches of this pathway remain blighted by smashed streetlamps.

Marfleet Lane

Back on Marfleet Lane. I've prayed for a couple of the people who live in these houses following conversations on the street. Even seen one old lady miraculously healed. Funny were conversations can lead if you have a heart that's not afraid to witness.
Marfleet Avenue


Site of Fenner's Conveyer Belt Factory

What a bloody mess. This is the view from my kid's bedroom window. Our city fathers in their infinite wisdom decreed that this land shall not be redeveloped for housing but shall be reserved for commercial use only. No one want to build factory units here and so it remains a permanently barren mess. Take 'em out the back and shoot them I say – numbskulls!


It's not much and it's not the best neighbourhood but it's paid for. We keep praying for a house with a garden and we know one will come, but when? I won't have a mortgage. Mortgage literally means “death-grip”. Mortgage companies have blighted the UK. They lend you more money that anyone should borrow and you're hooked for life. Strapped in to crippling debt and the attendant misery in many cases. House prices are forced up and the middle-aged smile but their children can't afford to leave home.
The blessing is: Lend to many, borrow from none (Deuteronomy 15:6). Debt is a curse.
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