I Will Enter Your Gates

I will enter Your gates, with this song of praise
On my lips, and in my heart.
You deserve these praises, for you are amazing
The greatest love of them all.

Your presence fills me like wine.
      (I am drunk on new wine)
Your words are food to my soul
      (I will never hunger)
This world can never destroy    (destroy)
All the benefits that you bestow on my life.

      Hallelujah, Sovereign King.
      Hallelujah, Eternal God.
      Hallelu- halleluj- hallelu- halleluj- hallelujah
      Wonderful Lord!

      Hallelujah, Living Word.
      Hallelujah, The great I am.
      Hallelu- halleluj- hallelu- halleluj- hallelujah
      Wonderful Lord!

I will enter your gates with this song of praise
On my heart

Tim Jarvis Passion Praise Music 2009

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