Prophetic Visions


Tree with rotten roots

                 healthy tree ?
        Why is this tree cut up? It's a perfectly healthy looking tree. I remember
        it as one of the younger and healthier trees in Pearson Park. There are
        old and more sickly looking trees in that park. It was cut up because it
        has fallen over. It had fallen over because its roots were completely
        rotten. The rot was in the ground, out of sight, but God saw it. It didn't
        need much of a wind to fetch the tree over, then the roots were exposed.
        I saw them, rotten and fungus infested, powdery to the touch.

                 rotten roots !
        God said to me “My church is like that, the rot is out of sight but I see it.
        I see it consuming and destroying the very root”.

Four related visions

         "I'm in prayer on Friday morning at Central Methodist Hull. The Holy
        Spirit says to me “what do you see”? I can't see anything. Again the
        Spirit says “what do you see”? I look hard and long and then in the
        distance I see a distant cloud of dust. Once more the Spirit asks “what
        do you see”? As the cloud comes closer I see that it is in fact a quickly
        advancing army of mounted warriors advancing in battle formation.
        The warriors are clad in amour mounted on strange brutish beasts
        also clad in tough armour. The warriors hold long spears. The have
        the power to crush and destroy men in an instant. Following this the
        Spirit shows me a naked woman her back toward me. She is dark, a
        seductress, unholy. Then the Spirit shows me the opening of a railway
        tunnel cut into an embankment. Out of the tunnel roars a train. It's a
        freight train with many coal wagons. Each wagons is filled with
        shining gold nuggets. These nuggets have been made in a furnace deep
        inside the mountain from where the train has come. As I am puzzling
        this, the Spirit shows me the last vision. I see a sprite, a cuddly but
        mischievous toy, although it isn't a toy but a living being. It isn't holy,
        it's designed to trap and ensnare."
Interpretation: ?

The spilt water jar

         "I am in a large room that is entirely dark save for a small patch of
        light in the middle of the room. A single spotlight illuminates a round
        earthenware jar. I recognise it as one of those jars mentioned in the
        bible as being used to hold water like the twelve I saw in my 1989
        vision. This jar lies on its side and all it's water has been poured out
        onto the ground."
Interpretation: ?

Three visions concerning the wayward church

         "(1) There is a music box, shut and placed on a shelf in an alcove. It is
        trying to move out into the room and every time it tries I can just see a
        very little bit of it. However it doesn't move far and soon retreats. Then
        God shows me where it really should be. I see the music box on the
        table in the middle of the room. Now it is open and playing enchanting
        music. Each note is luminous and alive coming out like sparkles and
        drifting upward."
         "(2) There is a volcano and stuck in the throat of the volcano is a grey
        ball. Again the ball is trying to get out of the volcano but it can't, it's
        stuck. Then suddenly it is released and as it is released the shroud of
        dust that made it dull and grey falls away. Now I see a bright luminous
        ball. It moves across the sky from right to left and then upwards."
         "(3) There is a rainbow across the sky. When I look closer I see that it is
        a structure made out of stained glass. Then a wind blows up and
        shivers the whole structure. It collapses and falls to ground into a
        million pieces."
Interpretation: The fact that there are three visions (three views) of the same thing mean
that the point is important. The music box is the church but she's not where she should be,
she's hiding. The volcano is the agent of God (the church again) but she isn't releasing His
power. The rainbow is the church again but this time shown as a man-made rather than
God-made institution. The Spirit destroys this man-made institution and great is its collapse.

The angry sea

         "I am flying over the sea during a storm. I am flying over the waves but
        not high enough so as to escape them. Firstly some of the waves mount
        up to try to nock me down into the water. They over-reach themselves
        and turn to spray so that I get wet but nothing more. Secondly a net
        comes out of the sea to grab me, but it's only made of water, so I just
        get wet. Then a fist comes out of the water. The fist-hand opens to grab
        me. It has sharp claws. Again it's only water so all I get is wet."
Interpretation: This is a personal vision. I am left with the distinct feeling that I have to get
up higher to avoid all these problems. Perhaps I should be flying on the back of the eagle
as in my 2004 vision.

The giant cross and the shaking

         “I received this vision whilst walking through the university grounds
        during our regular Friday morning prayer walk. I saw a massive
        concrete cross planted in the place of the Victoria monument in the
        centre of Hull. It was at least five hundred feet tall. Strangely however
        nobody in the centre of Hull could see the cross. They just carried on
        about their normal business oblivious. Then God stamped His foot on
        the ground and the earth began to shake violently. He stamped His foot
        again and again and the ground shook so violently that many buildings
        including some churches collapsed. People where so shaken that they
        came out of the houses into the street to see what was happening. Now
        they could see the cross and they were all looking at it. People who
        dismissed and sneered at the Christian faith were now keenly
        interested to know all about Jesus.”
Interpretation: God is going to shake our nation again. Many institutions and some
churches will collapse. This shaking will break through the hardness of many unsaved
people. During this time of hardship they will look for God and He will allow Himself to
be found by them.

The eagle

         "I am riding on the neck of a large eagle high above the crowds."
Interpretation: This is a personal vision. It talks about riding with Jesus above the
troubles of life. It was to prove important in 2007.

The false fire

         "A vision of a church with fire coming out of the windows. These
        flames don't look real, more like cartoon flames. Round the back of the
        church is a dustbin full of old bones. Outside flames also consume
        Satan's territory, but these are black flames. I am staring at them and
        a voice tells me not to pay attention to these flames."
Interpretation: The cartoon flames are a symbol of something that appears to have Godly
power but doesn't really have any at all. In this context the Church I saw in this vision is a
prototype of the condition of Hull's churches more generally (see Hull 'Ichabod' word).
Satan's power on the other hand is real, but God doesn't want us to pay Satan attention.

The big truck

         "Of the church having twenty big wheels, two on each nave pillar.
        Jesus is sitting in a high chair with a steering wheel. He backs up the
        church onto Princess Avenue (I even heard the beeping sounds). He
        drives at full acceleration down Princes Avenue running over his
        enemies and making a bloody mess of them on the road. Then He turns
        round at the top and comes back and does it again. It's very gory. The
        feeling I get is that He really is mad with His enemies and wants to
        utterly destroy them."
Interpretation: The church in this vision is Church on the Way Hull. Anyone who has
been in their building will know the pillars I'm talking of. In this case the church is a
prototype for how Jesus wants to be able to use His church more generally. Jesus is so
angry with Satan and his agents because they keep the lost, lost. The heart of God
beats for the lost and His church is his instrument in the world for the salvation of the lost.

The big waterfall

         "The church roof is completely missing and the church is open to the
        sky. Huge waterfalls are pouring over the edge of the nave walls on
        either side into the church. Only the gable end points are visible above
        the waterline."
Interpretation: God will once again fill His church with His Holy Spirit 'big time'.

The map room

         “I was in a room and it was very dark, too dark to make out any of the
        features of the room. Also I saw a powerful woman dressed in a black
        cloak with a black hood. Her face was veiled with a gossamer veil, fine
        and see-through, iridescent and shimmering. As I prayed further and
        looked again at the room it began to slowly light up. The woman
        vanished and was nowhere to be seen. The room was a boardroom
        with a large, elegant, ornate table surrounded by elegant chairs. No
        one was sitting at any of the chairs, nor had they done so for a very
        long time. Consequently the room was very dusty. On the table were
        strewn many maps and plans, these were also covered in dust.”
Interpretation: God wants His leaders to enter into his planning room, the room where
His plans are revealed. It's dark and dusty because it hasn't been visited for a long time.
An enemy has been posted to prevent God's people entering. She is called 'religion'. She
doesn't have right to be there though and indeed though she prowls around she can't
enter. I want to enter this room, switch on the light and sit with Jesus whilst He explains
His plans. I want to be deeply involved.

The sea, an island and the cross (part 1)

         "I saw an angry sea. Its waves rearing up huge and intimidating. As a
        wave mounted up it would show its teeth. Huge fangs would come out
        of it and devour the beach, biting off great chunks of it. The beach was
        of an island. In the centre of the island was a huge marble cross. So
        big that in my mind's eye I could only fly round it as if in a helicopter.
        The island and the beach were made entirely of concrete."

The sea, an island and the cross (part 2) flowering vines

         "In the second part of the vision, life, in the form of many varied and
        beautiful flowering vines consumed the island even winding up the
        cross. At this the sea retreated and even though the waves continued to
        attack the Island (now in bloom) they could not overcome it."
Interpretation: this is an 'encouragement vision' rather than a de-facto prophetic vision.
It speaks of how the devil and the world attack the church. However provided the church is
alive and vibrant she cannot be overcome but overcomes the world. JOHN 1:5

The lizard of Hull

         "I saw a huge lizard standing over the city of Hull with its four feet
        planted in the city. It was brightly coloured and serpent like. It was
        fierce and aggressive. It was domineering and territorial. Compared to
        a man each foot was huge and would take many men, perhaps a
        hundred, linking arms to surround it. I was commanded to take a
        sword and attacking the beast I managed to cut off one leg. At this the
        beast should have flown (retreated) but it did not because of its
        arrogance. Without this leg it was unable to stand and collapsed,
        although it had three legs remaining it was still unable to stand. I then
        cut off its head to finish it off."
Interpretation: This I believe to be a vision of the demonic strongholds in place over Hull.
I take the command to attack one leg as indicative of the need to concentrate warfare to
destroy his stronghold in one locality or principality initially. Success in one area will
result in success spreading rapidly to other areas. I understand the vision to mean that the
enemy has for so long had such a stronghold in the city of Hull that he has become arrogant
and complacent. He will not therefore be prepared for defeat and will not change tactics even
after loosing a key initial battle. This will be his downfall and lead to his complete defeat at
the hands of God's warriors.

Three bronzed men

         "I saw three ruddy, bronzed men walking away from me. They were
        very healthy looking. Their clothes were white and their torsos naked.
        Their hair was brilliant white, long to the length off the shoulder. So
        brilliant white shone their hair that it was difficult to look at. Next I
        saw the men coming to me with their hands cupped as if bringing gifts.
        In their hands was sand, brilliant white sand also glowing brightly like
        their hair."
Interpretation: Darren Wilkinson gives this interpretation: the men are angels, the sand
is many men and woman who the Lord will save and who I have been entrusted to bring to
Him. They are not a gift for me but for Him. I see them being given to me because it pleases
the Lord to involve me in this work. Like the previous vision I'm not alone in this. This is
not a work that relies on me alone.

The wood

         "I was troubled in my sleep and I saw a few small trees planted but not
        really growing. They were not sickly they were just not really growing.
        Then I saw them cut down and logged as if for firewood. Then I saw
        them stuck back together again but in strange and 'wrong' ways. By
        wrong I mean put together against the grain, in ways not normal for
        growth. This troubled me a lot, I found myself thinking "no no no this
        is all wrong". The new arrangement caused the wood to grow together
        and grow vigorously. The wood was cut again and reformed again but
        this only caused more vigorous growth."
Interpretation: The wood represents God's people and the trees the churches of Hull.
These churches are healthy but not really growing as God would want. He breaks them
down as they are currently constituted and mixes His people up putting them back together
in unconventional ways and unusual groups. Superficially this appears strange and 'wrong'.
Nevertheless the fruit of this reorganisation is vigorous church growth.

12 large jars

         "During prayer I saw 12 large (6ft tall) earthenware jars full and
        stood upright. A voice explained to me that these all had to be emptied
        before I would be commissioned. Then I saw each one being poured
        out in turn."
Interpretation: This is a personal vision. The 12 jars are 12 years.

Flying over Hull

         "I was flying in the Spirit over the city of Hull late at night. Below me I
        could see a small number of small hemispherical bubbles of golden
        light. They were perfect hemispheres and as I looked closely each one
        enclosed one of God's people like an all over halo. Then, without
        warning, a super large hemisphere of the same golden light moved in
        from the north and enveloped the whole city of Hull absorbing all the
        smaller lights and connecting them together."
Interpretation: This is a vision of revival or how Jesus' church should work.